Day 1 – Introduction

Hello from a new blogger! 

Most of the blogs, (usually creative/craft type blogs) that I have read recently are written by young mothers with small children.  It is encouraging to me that I share some of the same interests with the younger set!  I am not old, mind you.  But, I am experienced and finished with raising two wonderful children – both  As such, I may be able to offer another perspective on creating and living. 

Facebook is getting old and sitting down to watch T.V. puts me to sleep.  Photography, clean eating (for the most part), working out, pillow making (yes, pillow making) and furniture recycling/painting are what’s taking up my time now.  I would like to add to that in the near future – blogging and ____________ (fill in the blank). 

What a change from my past life of driving boys to sports, working in a busy office from 9-5, dating, trips to see colleges, trips for parents weekends, etc.  I still work in an office, my last son is graduating this December, hopefully, and I am now in a committed relationship.  I have an engagement ring… but that’s a story for another day.  Eventually, things will get planned. 

That’s it for now….. C


3 responses to “Day 1 – Introduction

  1. Welcome Cassady!
    My nest is empty and I am having a blast crafting. Not having little ones at home allow for me to leave my crafting junk… er, crafting treasures laying about without them disappearing!

    Again… Welcome!

  2. Hi there,
    Welcome to the blogging world 🙂 Your perspective will be wonderful. My nest is still growing so i’m still in the little kid phase but look forward to your insight! 🙂

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