A Stolen Day…………

My law office boss (I am a woman of many jobs) called this morning and told me not to come to work because of the impending snow storm.  WHOA!  I felt like I just heard the fire whistle blow signaling the closing of school!  (I can remember lying in my bed willing that whistle to blow so I could get up and start calling my friends to make plans for sledding!)

…………There is nothing sweeter than a stolen day………..

I started my stolen day with a pot of English Breakfast tea, making several phone calls sharing my good fortune and making a plan to finish decorating for Christmas.

This year I chose a small tree….. all the more easier to give it lots of attention.  I put it up on a basket trunk and covered it with hand-made book page ornaments,  clam shells from Hurricane Sandy (for some reason she dumped a lot of big, white clam shells on the Jersey beaches), blue balls, twine, raffia and ribbon.


(NOTE:  A nice perk for empty nesting?  You can do a THEME Christmas tree.  Finally!  Change it up.  Do something different.)

Last year my tree was big and a peace offering to mother nature.  I covered it with clam shells washed ashore by Hurricane Sandy to ward off any more hurricanes in the Garden State.  It has worked so far.  Here is a picture of last year’s tree (with last year’s green walls!).


I painted these oyster shells many moons ago.  (I visit my sister on a barrier island in Florida every year and the beach is loaded with oyster shells!)  I saw these oyster Santa’s in a store down there and recreated them at home.


Back to today………..I finished my handmade wreaths.  Over the weekend, I gathered the greens and wired them up.  Today, I gave them a few lemons, a ribbon and hung them up outside.  Here’s one…..


For me, natural greens are the best decorations for inside the house. I love everything about them – all their different textures and colors.    I lay them on mantles, wire them onto railings, pile them in bowls and arrange them on platters.   I add a few pine cones and a bittersweet vine to the greens for some color and textural interest.  Even better if you can find branches with the pine cones still attached!


I made these little trees last year with leftover book pages…..to match the wreaths and ornaments!

IMG_6802  IMG_6801IMG_5945

And, finally……. I chalk painted and distressed this rack to hang my mason jar lanterns near the front door.

IMG_6841 IMG_6843

My Stolen Day is almost over…. they always end too soon.

Until the next early morning fire whistle……Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


PS – If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me, below!

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